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Becoming a Purpose Academy member is the simplest way to get the most of the what we have to offer. As a member, we'll set you up with a whole suite of courses which we guide you through one by one, and we also hook you up with our awesome member benefits!

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Member Benefits

Our members immediately get access to a range of benefits and discounts:

  • All-access to our online learning library for all past present and future educational courses

  • Discounted access to our regular monthly workshops and live events

  • Invites to members-only online events and value offers

Getting Started

Intro & Welcome Course

We've designed a simple onboarding course for you to begin with to help you create your own learning plan and set clear goals for yourself. As soon as you register as a member, you'll be enrolled in a string of courses you can choose from, and this will be your first one, to help you set your path.