What you'll learn from this topic

  • Understanding

    Learn the link between your purpose and your identity and grasp how you can clarify your understanding of each.

  • Discovery

    Gain clarity on your identity - your vision, values, passions, strengths and core beliefs, using our practical tools and question sets.

  • Planning

    Map out your goals and milestones for the future, taking in mind a fresh understanding of your unique purpose and identity.

Topic Sneak Peak

  • 1
    Purpose & Identity
    • Getting Started
    • 1. Self-Assessment: Knowing Thyself
    • 2. Activity: Vision & Values Worksheet
    • 3. Share: Your 10-Year Vision
    • 4. Tools, Readings & Resources

Topic Instructor

  • Tristan Scifo

    Adviser, Coach & Mentor

    Tristan Scifo

    Tristan is a trained and experienced financial adviser, life coach and mentor at Purpose Academy. He has over a decade of workshop facilitation, 1:1 coaching and education experience and aims to help build Purpose Academy into a leading personal development resource online. Tristan is passionate about helping people live their best life and helping to strengthen marriages and personal relationships. Tristan is married to the beautiful Renee and is the proud and privileged dad of little Noelle, and hopefully more little Scifos to come

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